More snow! – 10th February 2012

Overnight we had another couple of inches of snow, following on from that which arrived at the weekend.  Fortunately this coincided with the first of three days holiday from work.

Our holly tree in the snow

The girls’ schools were both open and we were able to make it there without too many problems – apart from a frantic return trip home to pick up Rebekah’s bag!

Holly and Emily outside Holly's classroom

Once the school run was out-of-the-way we decided to pop into town, heading through Kidwells Park to check out the snow, on the way.

Trees in Kidwells Park

Footprints in the snow

Looking across the park

Not a good day for sitting down

Rebekah's favourite blue cedar in the snow

More trees

The working day must go on

After we’d had a look in the shops, we decided to head over to Windsor.

Trees along Barry Avenue, Windsor

Road and river

Mallards in the snow

Windsor Castle in the snow and winter sunshine

Sarah and Emily outside the castle

While we were outside the castle, we heard rumours that the Changing of the Guard was due to take place imminently, so decided to hang around in the chilly air to watch.

Passing the Guildhall

Heading up to the castle

Rounding the statue of Queen Victoria


Marching soldiers

After we had been into a few shops and enjoyed a lunch in Marks and Spencer, we decided to head home.

On the way we popped in briefly to see Grandma’s headstone, which is finally in place and also to see the daffodils in the snow.

Grandad and Grandma's headstone

Daffodils in the snow


It was good be able to escape from work for a day or two and made better with the unexpected treat of more snow.

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