Ray Mill Island – 11th February 2012

It’s been some months since Freddie and Jen last came around.

Last time they were here we enjoyed an excellent BBQ in the garden.  Today, with the weather somewhat cooler than it was in September, we went for a short walk down to Ray Mill Island.

We drove down to the river and parked in the car-park just along the road from Boulter’s Lock.

The channel which flows through the lock was partially frozen, following the recent snow.

Ice on the Thames

Looking towards the lock

Judging by the lack of disturbance in the snow around the lock itself, it had been some time since the last boat passed through.

Boulter's Lock in the snow

We made our way over the bridge and the girls were pleased to see that there was still plenty of snow left on the grass.   It was also surprisingly quiet.

Heading down onto the island

Ice on the water in front of the fountain

Snow on the island


Not a day for sitting out

Looking back over the island

Freddie devised a new way to improvise when there is no sledge around – fortunately Leah loved it!

Who needs a sledge?

We managed to find a few ducks to feed before heading back home to warm up by the fire.

Sarah giving out bread to feed the ducks

Feeding the ducks

Not a good day for a picnic

Holly, Rebekah, Leah and Zara


Emily facing a sea of white

Emily in the snow

Four girls

Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer when we plan to meet up in Bournemouth next month.

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