Winter visit to Cliveden – 14 February 2012

As I had a few days off over half-term, we ended up paying our first visit of the year to Cliveden, this time with Mum, Heather, Hugh and Katy.  Our last visit there already seems like a long time ago!

With milder weather in the last few days, the recent snow was fast melting and had vanished altogether in many areas.

We made our way up the main drive towards the house, kicking through the slushy detritus of melted snow en route.

Walking through slush up the drive

Heading towards the house

As we reached the house, we followed the path to our right, heading past the snowbound Secret Garden, to reach the hill at the side of the house.

The main path alongside the house was out-of-bounds due to work being carried out to install mains drainage forcing us to make our way down the hill, passing clumps of snowdrops, to join the lower path instead.

Two snowdrops

More snowdrops

We made our way round to the back lawn to find that the entire rear terrace had been dug up, also in connection with the extensive drainage works.

Katy and Holly

Looking down towards the river

The back of the house with the fenced-off terrace in the foreground

We made our way across the lawn, before climbing the steps onto the upper terrace and making our way back to the car, stopping for the ubiquitous visit to the shop on the way!

Holly ‘hamming’ it up for the camera

Walkway crossing the lower terrace

Looking down to the lower terrace

Hopefully by the time we make our next visit, the weather will be slightly warmer!


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