The demise of ‘Frosty’ – 18th February 2012

Today finally saw the end of Frosty, the snowman which we had built following the recent snowfall.

Rebekah with Frosty, built on 5th February

With somewhat milder weather kicking in relatively quickly after the snow, Frosty was never going to last that long.  By 14th February most of the snow on the ground had disappeared and Frosty too was suffering badly from the higher temperatures.

Rebekah with Frosty, 14th February 2012

Just three days later he was a shadow of his former self.

Holly and Rebekah with Frosty, 17th February 2012

The above photo, taken at 10.30 in the morning contrasts with those below, taken at nearly 5pm on the same day!

Emily and Frosty, 17th February 2012

Looking at Frosty

The temperature on February 17th peaked at a balmy 12°C and by lunchtime on the 18th, Frosty had retreated under his pink headgear, to be seen no longer.

Now we are left waiting for more snow!


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