Berkshire College of Agriculture Lambing Weekend – 21st April 2012

We were in two minds as to whether to go along to this year’s Lambing Day at the Berkshire College of Agriculture.  Following the recent wet weather, it looked as though the event was in danger of being washed out.

It was all a far cry from the sunny weather we enjoyed on our visit last year.

We arrived soon after 10am and were surprised by the number of cars already there – clearly the weather hadn’t put people off of coming along.

We were greeted by a ‘host of golden daffodils’

In view of the inclement forecast, we decided to visit all of the ‘outdoors’ activities first.

Looking over the back lawn

Looking at some donkeys

These days, with so many other attractions available, the new-born lambs are only a small part of the whole event.  We visited the tent where they were, but even here, things seemed to be on a smaller scale than last year – with only one pathway through the tent.

Holly with one of the new lambs

Rebakah photographing the new lambs

After looking at the new lambs, with the weather still dry, we took the time to go on the standard tractor ride around the grounds.

One of the other tractor rides

Watching the tractor

Looking over towards the College

Holly and Rebekah

By now, some of the activities, including demonstrations of sheep dog herding were getting underway on the back lawn.

Spectators watching events in the main ring.

The girls decided to have a go on the climbing wall, outside the main building.

Holly, ready for the climbing wall

Rebekah on the climbing wall

Holly at the top of the climbing wall

We managed to eat a picnic lunch at one of the tables set out before the weather turned and we were forced to take shelter from a heavy shower in one of the craft tents.  Afterwards, we were able to look at some of the many animals and insects at the college.

We finished our visit with the purchase of cakes and fudge, before going to see the horses.

Emily meeting one of the horses

Admiring one of the horses

Despite the coolness of the day, we had an enjoyable time seeing all of the different displays.

A trough of tulips

Tulips and daffodils

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