Sarah’s birthday meal – 15th April 2012

Today Sarah celebrated her 37th birthday.

Unlike last year, when we went out for the day, this year the celebrations were somewhat more low-key.  With church in the morning and visiting relations in the afternoon, it wasn’t until the evening that we were able to enjoy a meal at Pizza Express.

We decided to opt for starters and I enjoyed my traditional favourite of dough balls.

Dough balls!

The main course proved more of a challenge.  I decided to bravely forego my standard choice of lasagne for something which sounded, on the face of it, quite nice – Meatball bolognaise.

Even as I ordered, Sarah questioned my choice, pointing out that my proposed dish contained ‘fiery roquito peppers’.  I naively brushed aside her concerns, saying that I could easily avoid them.  One day I’ll learn to listen to her!

A ridiculous menu faux pas

I battled through about a quarter of the pizza before being defeated by the peppers.

While we were waiting for the desserts to arrive, I took a few photos of the girls.

Holly and Rebekah

Two sisters

Emily getting excited

Eventually our various, mainly chocolatey puddings turned up.  Emily was a little disappointed to spot the strawberry on top of hers – she’s not a fan!

Emily showing signs of disappointment at spying a strawberry

 Once the offending fruit had been removed and passed on to Rebekah, Emily enjoyed her dessert.

Rebekah with her pudding

I also opted for a chocolate pudding.

Chocolate cake and ice cream

It was an enjoyable meal (despite the fiery peppers!) and it was good to get out to enjoy it with the family.

Happy Birthday Sarah!


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