A brief catch up – 27th April 2012

I haven’t been over to Woking since the emotional roller-coaster of my last day, back at the end of March.

Today I got a chance to head over after work, primarily to collect some of my personal effects from my ‘former life’, but also to catch up with some of the old crowd again – particularly with it also being Sam’s birthday!

Alan Stone also came over to join the party and I was able go with him and Sam on a ‘circuit’.  It was interesting to spot the changes, both in the work being carried out in the Town Square and also with different shops, although disappointing to note that there were a couple more closures to report – the shoe shop Stead and Simpson and luggage retailer Charlotte Reid.

The soon-to-be-defunct Charlotte Reid

After completing the circuit we ended up, with many others, in O’Neill’s for a quick drink.  Apologies for the quality of my antique Nokia N85 camera!

Alan and Sam

Rudders and me

Fortunately the farewells this time weren’t as raw and emotional as they were a month ago and hopefully I’ll be able to get over to Woking again soon.

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