Rebekah’s Spring Concert – 1st May 2012

This evening we went along to hear Rebekah play her guitar in her school’s annual Spring Concert.  Mum and Holly also joined us for the evening and, at Holly’s request, we ended up sitting in the front row.

Spring Concert Programme 2012

We had arrived in good time and the concert began promptly at 7pm once the guitarists (including Rebekah) had managed to shoehorn themselves onto the stage.  Directed by their teacher, Mr Hastings, the young musicians opened up the evening with a variety of pieces.

Rebekah with her fellow guitarists

Guitarists playing

Rebekah’s age group played two numbers – ‘Go tell Aunt Nancy’ and ‘Little Bird’ before joining in with the whole of the group to play another couple of tunes.

The agenda for the evening

The guitarists formed only a small fraction of a running order that consisted of forty separate pieces.

Rebekah’s friend, Tanisha, performing her piano solo

Despite the overall concert lasting for around two hours in total, the quality of the performances were exceptionally good and it proved to be an enjoyable night for the children to show off their talents, the proud parents watching and the teachers who had put in so much work too.

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