Carters Steam Fair – 12th May 2012

The signs have been up around Maidenhead for a couple of weeks and finally today the famous Carters Steam Fair was open for business for its annual visit to Pinkneys Green.

Emily pointing out the way to the fair

In the morning, some of the steam engines took part in a procession around part of the town.  After looking on the map of the route, it transpired that they would be passing our house soon after 10am.

I had to pop into town in the morning with Rebekah, but we made sure that we were back in time for the parade.

We waited on the sunlit grass just up the road from our house and eventually our ears were rewarded by the distant sound of horns beeping.  Finally the parade, somewhat disjointed and mixed up with other vehicles, hoved into view, led by a van decked out with advertisements for the fair.

Excitement abounds as the parade arrives

The first of the steam engines

The engines, consisting of perhaps a dozen or so vehicles, took some ten minutes to go past us and many of the drivers waved and hooted to the girls through the smoky air.

Steaming past

A cavalcade of steam!

After the end of the drive-past we headed over to Mum’s house to plant our runner-beans out.  These had initially been planted in pots and had been growing on the kitchen window sill until their rapidly increasing size had forced them out into a small plastic greenhouse in the garden.

Runner beans on the far side of the plot

Looking from the other end of the veg plot

We planted around twenty beans altogether, having erected the canes last weekend, and drove home for a quick lunch before heading out to visit the fair.

First view of the fair at Pinkneys Green

The girls alway look forward to visiting the fair and on arrival, with Sarah’s parents, we first made our way to the dodgems.  Holly was excited to be having only her second ride in the bumper-cars and came on with me, while Rebekah went with Sarah.

Fortunately we were able to get straight on and all enjoyed the action – although Holly emerged slightly pale-faced afterwards!

Emily went on the Marlow Donkey train ride on her own and coped well – until she managed to fall off of the seat and cut her gum slightly – fortunately the injury was soon forgotten.

Emily on the Marlow Donkey

I went to pay a visit to the Wall of Death with Rebekah and Holly.  As we arrived, the MC was busy selling his show to the masses with the aid of microphone and loudspeakers.  We duly paid our seven pounds and headed aloft to view the show.

Charles Winter drumming up business for the Wall of Death

After some preamble, the expertly ridden motorbikes hurtled around the vertical wooden walls of the arena while I frantically clicked away with the camera in a vain attempt to get a half-decent shot.  Rebekah and Holly enjoyed the performance, although Holly said it was ‘very loud’!

Riding around the Wall of Death

Entertaining the crowds

More tricks

Performing the ‘crucifix’

Next it was on to the helter-skelter before the girls opted for a ride on one of the mini rope swings.


Emily unimpressed with the helter-skelter

Rebekah and Holly

Emily enjoyed driving around on something a little less energetic.


The older girls finished with a ride on the Mini Octopus after which it was time for the usual treat of candyfloss and hot doughnuts.

The Dive Bombers

Old steam engines by the Wall of Death



Holly and Rebekah

It had again been an excellent afternoon and I’m sure we’ll be visiting again later in the year when the fair return to Holyport.

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