Maidenhead Carnival – 2nd June 2012

This year, Maidenhead Carnival was moved forward a weekend in order to coincide with the celebrations marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

As in previous years, we were on site by 8.30am and spent most of the day helping out as our church had a stall in Kidwells Park with various children’s craft activities available during the day.  The stalls had been moved to the other side of the park, this year, a decision which seemed to improve numbers attending.

We managed to find time to wander around the other stalls and see what else was on offer during the day.

The outside of the ‘Jubilee-decorated’ Parkside marquee

Colouring and other activities in full swing

This year, the main stage had been moved over to the far side of the park.  During the day, various ‘acts’ performed for the entertainment of the masses.

Crowds in front of the stage

The main stage in the park

Sarah took Emily on the Lions Club train, which was offering rides for children around the park.

Emily waving

Sarah and Emily

At one point, one of the neighbouring stalls, the Boyn Hill Scouts, saw me with my camera and asked me to take a photo of some of their group.  I think they thought I must have been working for a local paper!

Some of the Boyn Hill Scouts and Explorers

Overall, it was a good day in the park.  The gamble taken to link the carnival to the Jubilee celebrations seemed to work well, with good numbers in the park all day, despite the various activities on at the same time.

By 5pm we had started to pack up, after a long, successful and enjoyable day at Maidenhead Carnival.

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