A morning at Cliveden – 5th June 2012

We took advantage of the extra Bank Holiday, as well as a break in the rain, for a morning up at Cliveden.

Holly with purple hydrangeas

Walking up towards the house

Emily heading off

Holly and a tree

We made our way down to the main lawn to see the ’60’ which had apparently been marked out on the grass, in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

View of the 60 from the back of the house

The family on a quiet morning at Cliveden


Three girls

Not quite red, white and blue

We made our way down onto the back lawn and walked up to the statue at the end of the back lawn.

Emily investigating the statue

Rebekah taking a shot

Looking back to the house

Holly pretending to be a statue

Given the chilly day, we decided to adjourn to the restaurant for a hot drink.

Shortbread and a coffee




Rebekah with a lemon tree

Afterwards, the girls were keen to revisit the maze.  Accordingly, we split into two groups and eventually managed to reconvene in the centre.

Three girls in the centre of the maze

Finally, we had a short stroll around the Water Garden, before the inevitable visit to the shop.  With so much rain at the moment, it was good to get out in the dry for a while.

Rebekah and Holly looking for fish


Holly with irises


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