Rebekah’s birthday bowling party – 14th July 2012

Rebekah invited six friends along for a bowling party, in celebration of her 8th birthday, at the Tenpin in Maidenhead.

Bowling console and balls

Our allotted lanes: numbers 13 and 14

Saturday morning is designated for children’s bowling parties and we joined a number of other groups who took their places at their allotted lanes, soon after 10am.

Rebekah shared her lane with Holly, Tanisha and Maisy while the other lane was taken up by Ellen, Eleanor, Freya and Martha.  It was Holly’s first time bowling and she ended up using the ramp for most of her shots.

Waiting patiently

Young bowlers

The set up for bowling parties includes two games of bowling, food and unlimited drinks, balloon modelling as well as birthday cake (which we had to provide) and worked out at £12.50 per head.

Time for some food!

Holly with her pink sword

The food (largely nuggets and chips) followed by tubs of ice cream were hastily devoured by the youngsters.  Later, one of the helpers brought along the birthday cake with lit candles on, for Rebekah to blow out.

Rebekah with her two best friends – Maisy and Tanisha

Arrival of Rebekah’s cake

With all the other games around, it wasn’t long into the second game of bowling that the novelty began to wear off, and the girls enjoyed looking at the other games and activities on offer while ‘fetching’ each other when their turn came up for bowling.

By 12.15pm it was all over and parents began arriving to collect their children.

After the others had departed, Rebekah and Holly were keen to try out the ‘hurricane simulator’ and we duly paid our £2 for around 30 seconds of ‘entertainment’.

Inside the hurricane simulator

Rebekah enjoyed her bowling party and would like to have another one another year.

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