Rebekah’s 8th Birthday – 15th July 2012

After the excitement of yesterday’s bowling party, Rebekah had a fairly low-key 8th birthday, spending most of the day seeing friends and relations.

Emily, as usual, woke us early and Rebekah came into our room soon after 7am, keen to open her cards and presents.  She was somewhat dismayed to find that she only had, in total, 3 cards to open, but we assured her that more would follow during the day and Holly and Emily hastened off to write their cards for her.

We moved into the lounge where Rebekah opened her presents from us – a new watch, book on trees, a stripy polo-shirt and Lego Space Shuttle.

Rebekah with some of her presents

Unwrapping her first present

A Lego Space Shuttle


Emily getting excited

Rebekah’s new purple watch

She also opened the presents received from her party yesterday.

One of Rebekah’s favourite birthday cards


Rebekah’s present and card from Tanisha

Rebekah enjoyed a birthday breakfast of bacon rolls and hash-browns.

Bacon rolls and hash browns

Later, we went along to our family service at our church, after which we were able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rebekah and enjoy an excellent cake which a good friend, Paul, had made for her.

Paul’s birthday cake for Rebekah

Rebekah blowing out candles

In the afternoon we went round to Sarah’s parents and then later to my sister’s house, where Rebekah opened more presents and enjoyed playing a game of Scrabble!

More Lego from Nanny and Grandad

Another card for the collection

A game of Scrabble in progress

In the evening we enjoyed a Chinese takeaway – another of Rebekah’s favourite meals.

Sadly, the waiting and excitement of the day was all too much for Emily:


Overall, Rebekah enjoyed her 8th birthday.  The hardest part is the long wait until her next birthday!

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