Emily’s 2nd Birthday – 16th July 2012

Following on, just one day after Rebekah’s birthday, came Emily’s 2nd birthday.

For ages she had been telling people that she was going to be two and now the day had finally arrived.

As Rebekah had done, she opened her cards first, before we moved into the lounge to open her presents – a balance bike and rocket from us and a skirt and leggings from Rebekah and Holly.

Emily with some of her presents

New leggings

Emily trying on her new skirt

Eager interest from her older sisters

Holly and Emily

Aliens from the rocket

Emily’s new balance bike

Emily with her new elephant, Joey

We had a quick breakfast before taking the older two girls to school.

After dropping them off, we adjourned for a treat of enjoying a cooked breakfast at the excellent Palmieri’s.

I opted for scrambled egg, beans, sausage and bacon, while Sarah chose mushrooms on toast.  Emily enjoyed some toast and was then offered an ice cream which she instantly accepted.

Emily waiting for her breakfast

Emily with her toast

My delicious breakfast

Emily enjoying her breakfast ice cream

After leaving Palmieri’s we popped over to Mum’s, for her to pass on her presents, before heading home for lunch.

Emily reading with Grandma

Emily enjoying her new book

Emily enjoyed a lazy birthday sleep in the afternoon, after which we collected the girls from school and headed to see Sarah’s parents where Emily received more presents as well as some chocolate birthday cake!

Another present to unwrap

Emily’s new guitar

Sarah’s birthday cake for Emily

Emily hesitating in blowing out her candles – eventually Holly helped!

We got back home around 4.45pm and shortly afterwards Heather, Hugh and Katy came round to pass over their gifts for Emily.

It had been a long and busy birthday.

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