A visit to Father Christmas – 1 December 2012

After the success of last year, we decided to take the girls back up to Cliveden again, for another visit to Father Christmas.  This year we also took Mum along with us.

We walked through the same route, via the long garden and round to the back of the house.

Like last year, Father Christmas had been secreted, with his helpers, in the room under the back terrace.  This year we were less impressed with the ‘performance’.  He seemed less chatty and the whole conversation was a little stilted.

Holly and Rebekah decided to swap their gifts afterwards – Rebekah had been given pink fairy stickers and Holly received some vegetable seeds.  Emily seemed happy with the book which she had been given.


The Long Garden


Holly and Rebekah racing


One of Father Christmas’ helpers


Meeting Father Christmas


Talking to Father Christmas


Emily receiving her present


Holly receiving her present


Rebekah being given her gift

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