My 39th Birthday – 16th December 2012

At my age, birthdays don’t hold quite so much excitement and lustre as they used to – particularly when they happen to fall on a busy Sunday shortly before Christmas.

With church in the morning, we decided to go over to Marlow for a birthday lunch at Wimpy.


Emily and Holly








The arrival of the birthday dinner


Sarah and Holly’s pudding


My dessert


Rebekah’s ice cream

After lunch, we had a short walk by the Thames at Marlow – made all the shorter due to flooding on the tow-path!


High water on the Thames at Marlow


Looking towards Marlow Bridge

After an enjoyable time in Marlow, it was time to head home and get ready for hosting my third carol service of the Christmas season at our church.

Next year is the big birthday – although I still only feel about 25 – at least I have twelve months to decide how best to mark the occasion!

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2 thoughts on “My 39th Birthday – 16th December 2012

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