A few more photos of ‘Number 55’ – 28th June 2013

Since I added my original post about the demolition of my grandparents’ house, a few more photos of the place have come to light.

Some of them were found in an old photo album recently and the majority are kindly supplied by my Auntie Eileen – the same person who tried to feed me peanut butter!  I’m grateful for her allowing me to use them on here.

We begin with a few photos from the building of 55 Cookham Road, which were taken during 1955.  Most of these were kindly scanned in by my nephew, Hugh.


Foundations marked out. My grandmother overseeing the work with her grandad (with shovel) and my grandad behind. The two children are my Auntie Eileen and her brother, John


Playing on the building site. No need for hard hats in those days!


My Auntie Eileen and Uncle John


My Grandad at the front

A John Mowlem lorry, backed into the drive during construction of Number 55

A John Mowlem lorry, backed into the drive during construction of Number 55


Building work well underway with the front door and front windows now in place. My mother is on the right. Behind the family is the large cedar tree.


Another view showing the front door with the family behind

Roof beams now in place. This was supplied by my Auntie Eileen.

Roof beams now in place. This was supplied by my Auntie Eileen.

The finished house!

The finished house!

A wonderful view of the house, taken from my great great grandfather's house, who lived opposite 55

A wonderful view of the house, taken from my great great grandfather’s house, which was opposite 55

We now move on to 1977 and a celebratory tea with the cousins on the loggia at the back of the house, with photos from Auntie Eileen.


From left to right: cousins Fiona, Nick, Jason and Tim. My sister, Heather, me (with bread) and cousin, Sarah.


From left to right: Tim, Nick, Fiona, Jason, me, Heather and Sarah. Nice array of 1970s style food!


Left to right: Tim, Adrian, my Grandma, Mr Dean (the Canadian’s other grandfather!), Heather, me, Mum, Fiona, Auntie Eileen, Sarah, Uncle John and Nick. Doll’s name unknown.

1983 saw another visit from the Canadian cousins and another excuse for group photos.  This was also the memorable occasion when five of us slept outside in the tent and told ghost stories late into the evening!

Incredibly, it was thirty years ago this year and ended up being exactly halfway through the life of the old house!

Again, these photos are from Auntie Eileen.


From left to right: Nick, Tim, Justin, Jason, Sarah and Fiona


Back: Fiona, Adrian, Heather; Middle: Tim, Sarah, Katy; Front: Nick, Jason, me and Justin


Me outside the tent in the garden


The five happy campers: Nick, Justin, Tim, Jason and me

Finally a few shots of the house in 2010, just after my Grandma had passed away, again supplied by Auntie Eileen and taken to remember the house as we all think of it.


The lounge looking out onto the loggia


Fireplace in the lounge


The other side of the lounge with the round window, by the front door


The living room with gas fire and television


The old sideboard


Grandma’s chair and various of my Grandad’s paintings on the wall


The kitchen, left as if Grandma has just stepped outside


Grandma’s kitchen cabinet


The cupboard in the hallway


The back of the house with greenhouse and loggia


The front of the house with Grandma’s car still outside

It must be fairly rare that one family was involved in building their house, lived in it for 60 years and then oversaw its demolition.

Thankfully, although the house has now gone, the memories will live on.

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2 thoughts on “A few more photos of ‘Number 55’ – 28th June 2013

    • Thanks. We found them in a photo album from 55. Thanks for the use of your ones as well. It’s nice to have them all in one place.

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