Furze Platt Senior School at 50 – 11 July 2013

Sarah and I went along to our old school as they celebrated their fiftieth year with a special open day for former pupils and those associated with the school.

Turnout was excellent and the late afternoon was marked with blue skies and sunshine as well as large crowds of Furze Platt alumni.

We recognised a few people from our time there and enjoyed being taken on a tour of the school which is now very different in many ways from how it was back in 1992 when I left.


My first classroom – formally 1L5


Looking across to the window

One of the items on the agenda was the planting of an oak tree to celebrate the anniversary.  Head Teacher, Ms Tanya White had a speech arranged, but given the handful of onlookers, she abandoned both her dais and her formal words and opted for a few informal remarks instead.


Head Teacher Ms White is amused at the small number of spectators


A few informal words to the ‘crowd’


…before moving in with a spade…


…to plant the oak tree.


A smile of success


Addressing the larger crowds on the school field


Mid speech


The masses on the field


Reflections on fifty years


Making ready the balloons for release


Setting them free


Heading aloft on a perfect afternoon


A riot of colour

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