Farewell summer – 31 August 2014

The sun sets for the final time on another summer
August is slipping quietly away
Day by day the sun sets a little earlier
Minute by minute the daylight is reducing
Gently, almost imperceptibly summer is dying
Hedgerows are splashed with the rich purple of ripe blackberries
The bright green cases of conkers are swelling in the chestnut tree
The acorns are already beginning to fall
Trees slowly, reluctantly letting go
Preparing for the long wintry months ahead
The fresh green leaves of spring have gone
They are darker now
Maturing with each passing day
Still remaining stubbornly green
As though unwilling to succumb to the inevitability of autumn
Little by little the season is beginning to spiral away
Fields are suddenly filled with stacks of hay
The countryside resounds to the chugging of tractors
Farmers anxious to gather in crops
Already the swifts have long gone
Swallows and house martins are preparing to leave too
Gathering like excited children on the telephone wires
Preparing for the long flight ahead
The sun which shines on them is lower now
The heat of midsummer has passed
Mornings bring a chill in the air
Grass is suddenly wet with dew
Wisps of mist drape around trees
In the town, shops have been trumpeting ‘Back to school’ for weeks
Signs in the windows a reminder to children of what is to come
Street lights come on a little earlier
Suddenly the school holidays are drawing to a close all too quickly
Each day brings the school bell a little closer
Each day seems to go a little faster
Time is running out
Cases are replaced back into dark lofts
Suntans have faded
The family holiday is long forgotten in a blur of shoe shopping for school
The page on the calendar turns again
Tomorrow, September replaces August
Autumn replaces summer
The relentless, unstoppable march of time continues

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