Blackberrying – 7 September 2014

The sky is blue
The warm rays of the early autumn sun shine down
In the hedgerow, ripe blackberries are waiting
Small spheres of juicy sweetness
Waiting to be plucked by eager hands
Waiting to be placed carefully in a container
Waiting to be devoured
The spiny barbs of the brambles scratch against bare arms
Arms outstretched, struggling to grasp out-of-reach fruit
Some of the harvest is too ripe
Hands become stained with the violet of squashed berries
A few are best left to the birds and to inquisitive wasps
Buzzing quietly from branch to branch
Others are not yet ripe and will survive for another day
The aroma of autumn hangs in the air
Time seems to stand still in the golden glow of the afternoon
Baskets are slowly filled
Eventually sufficient bounty has been gathered
Scratched arms carry off their prizes
The hedgerow is left stripped of its finery
Silence returns

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