Should auld acquaintance be forgot? – 16 September 2014

Scotland stands, poised on the precipice
Ready with the mark of pencil on paper
To change hundreds of years of history
To put paid to the partnership of the United Kingdom
To raise the Saltire and sail away alone
Across the country, heated discussions
Held in town halls
Held in shops
Held in homes
Yes versus No
Opinions split across the land
‘Better together’ or ‘Yes Scotland’
Outsiders seek to sway the decision
Pointing to the break up of ‘The Union’
Passionate speeches
‘Don’t leave us!’, ‘No going back!’
Their time to influence is almost at an end
The world waits and holds its breath
Waits for millions to make their mark
A pencil cross to change their country forever
In the silence and privacy of the polling booth
Only Scotland can decide its destiny

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