An evening with Stuart Townend – 18 October 2014

St Mary’s Church
Floodlights gaze down over wooden pews while the stone church fills up
Drum kit and guitars stand ready at the front
An excited hubbub of voices chattering

Stuart arrives, clad casually in jeans and jacket
Trademark cap in place
Two sons, Joseph and Eden will play alongside him

Some songs played for those gathered to sing along to
Some songs played for those gathered to listen to
Singing mingled with words from Stuart
Explaining his inspiration for writing certain lyrics
Recounting tales of people he has met
Recalling verses from the Bible
Challenging those gathered to think about the words they are singing
Reminding them of the great hope they have ahead
Teaching them new songs
Praying for their needs

A man of humility
A man of faithfulness
A man who uses his song-writing to praise and lead others to praise his Saviour

Mixture of musical accompaniments to the singing
All carefully considered to sit perfectly behind the words

Old songs
New songs
Favourite songs

The evening ends
Closing with a reminder of why the songs were written
And why we are here
And who it’s all for
‘In Christ Alone’


Stuart talking in between songs


Holly getting a CD signed afterwards


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