Bath time – 6 March 2015

The evening bath is piping hot
A kettle to the bathroom brought

Scalding water splashed end to end
White clouds of steam aloft ascend

Into this fragrant tub I slide
Beneath the bubbles, safe inside

There, with a book, I slowly stew
And quietly read a page or two

Sometimes the book is laid aside
My eyes no longer open wide

The daily cares vanish from sight
My head slips back, gives up the fight

And there for blissful moments doze
Oblivious of wrinkled toes

And slowly wake and realise
I accidently closed my eyes

With water warm, no longer hot
And bubbles now quite hard to spot

The plug is pulled. It’s time for bed.
Snug ‘neath the quilt, I rest my head.

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