Vegetable Plot update – 18 June 2011

This morning we popped round to Mum’s for coffee.  While we were there, we had a look at the vegetable plot and noted, in the rain, a plethora of weeds.

Rebekah and I returned this afternoon and spent some time working on weed clearance – in between dodging the showers!  We also managed to sow a row of lettuces.

Quick shot of the vegetable plot as the next shower started

The worst of the weeds were around the carrots and this area is now looking much clearer.

Freshly weeded carrots

The rain is certainly helping the plants, with the runner beans already halfway up their poles.  The tomatoes are also looking good and the rhubarb seems to be trying to take over the entire plot!  There is also plenty of new growth on the gooseberry bush.

New growth on the gooseberry bush

One casualty seems to be the sunflowers, the majority of which seem to been eaten soon after they emerged from the ground.

Hopefully, in spite of the inclement conditions, we’ll be able to obtain some vegetables from the plot later in the year.  It’s certainly an improvement from when we first started!

Another view, showing the outsize rhubarb taking over the top right corner


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