August Walk to Cookham Dean – 28th August 2011

It seems like a long time since the last of our monthly walks up to Cookham Dean.

With today being the final weekend of August, Rebekah and I hastened once more along the well-trodden path to Cookham Dean and back.

The weather was delightful at the beginning of the walk.  By the end, however, the decision to leave any extra clothing seemed to be a little rash and the walk was completed briskly to escape the wind and ever threatening rainfall.

Perfect cricket weather

Thing had moved on apace in the intervening five weeks.  Although the cricketers were still playing, this will probably be the final time that we see them this year.


Looking across the harvested field

The wheat crop has been harvested since our last walk and the bare earth was in stark contrast to the golden crop which was awaiting harvest last month.

Rebekah taking a shot

This month Rebekah brought her camera with her as well as me taking mine.  This meant that the walk probably lasted longer than usual, with both of us snapping away.

Fortunately the weather remained dry, although the temperature had dropped somewhat during the walk and we were both glad to reach Mum’s house and escape the chilly wind.

Below are a few more shots from this afternoon’s walk.

Rose hips

Rebekah disappearing up the path

Dappled sunshine through the trees


Late autumn colour

Summer rose

Blackberries ripening

Final shot of the cricket in deteriorating weather

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