Basildon Park – 29th August 2011

With the final Bank Holiday of the summer upon us, and reasonable weather to boot, we decided to head off to make use of our National Trust membership once more.

Today our venue was Basildon Park, a large house located close to Pangbourne.  Following a welcome, if rather short, lie-in we headed off, arriving around 11am.

The car-park is located close to some woods and we had to climb up a hill through the trees in order to reach the main house.

An unusual chair

Basildon Park with a delivery van outside

With some time to use up before the house opened for ‘free-flow’ at 12pm, we decided to repair to the restaurant for a coffee and shortbread.


Once we made it inside the house, the girls found it interesting seeing the rooms, many of which were laid out as they had been in the 1950s.  Holly was particularly interested in the numerous Horrockses dresses that were being displayed as part of an exhibition at the house while Rebekah enjoyed the Shell Room – a room with shells covering all the furniture.

Both of the girls enjoyed seeing the 1950s kitchen where a lady was making drop scones.  Holly spent ages whisking in an empty bowl!

Rebekah looking at some old things in the1950s kitchen

Holly whisking

Holly still whisking

Rebekah listening about how to make drop scones

After wandering around the house for some time we adjourned outside for a picnic lunch.  Basildon is well set up with several well-spaced picnic tables in among the trees.

Picnic lunch

After lunch we had a short walk around the grounds before heading for the ubiquitous shop and home.

Basildon Park under cloud

Side view of the front of Basildon Park

Looking out over the grounds

In the courtyard at Basildon Park

The girls were keen to also visit the annual Littlewick Show in Maidenhead and went along with Sarah’s parents.

Later, after watering the vegetable plot and spending some time at Mum’s house, we met up with them all and ended up at Toby Carvery for dinner.

Roast at Toby Carvery

Another busy Bank Holiday had passed.  It seems a long time until the next one – Christmas Day!

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